Fold and Organize your Closet using KonMari Method

When you’re in a rush to get out of the door in the morning, the last thing you need is a disorganized closet. You know your favorite shirt is in there somewhere, you just can’t find it buried under the mountain of clothes. It’s so frustrating – especially when you have to compromise your outfit.

Tidying can be ‘life-changing’? It’s a big promise, but it’s worked for me. So if you want to turn your closet from cluttered to orderly, check out this KonMari folding hack. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll never look back.


I’ve been organizing my t-shirts long before I learned about the KonMari folding method. But it just so happens that this is where my organizing-fever began and it sparks so much joy! There’s something insanely satisfying about diving into an ordered closet where everything is neat, tidy, and easy to find.

What started as an effort to keep as many t-shirts as possible in one drawer, ended in two garbage bags full of discarded t-shirts and this masterpiece. Ta-da! Organized by color and looking beautiful…

KonMari Folding Hack, Organize Shirts, Fold Shirts

I used to fold my t-shirts the “normal way” and lay them all on top of each other in one big pile which basically made it impossible to get a shirt in the middle or anywhere else besides the top of the pile. And I won’t even mention attempting to try to find a certain t-shirt. As a result, a lot of favorite tees were forgotten and I’d end up wearing the same ones again and again.

Using this kind of folding method, I now folding all my tees like you see in the picture. It means I can now fit all of them in one drawer and find exactly what I’m looking for in seconds, without messing up the others in the process.


Now you might be asking how do you fold your t-shirts that way?

It’s easier than it looks because I use the Magic Clothes Folder . It’s a tool that makes shirt folding a breeze and of course I’ll give you a step-by-step guide of how to do it below. As you can see in the picture, by using the Magic Clothes Folder, I get a perfect uniform fold every time.

Ok – now let’s assume you have a Magic Clothes Folder or a DIY version. Onto the KonMari clothes folding directions!

KonMari Folding Hack, Organize Shirts, Fold Shirts


Step 1: Lay your t-shirt face down onto the folder. (I lay it face down so that you can easily see the front of the shirt when in the drawer)

KonMari Folding Hack, Organize Shirts, Fold Shirts

KonMari Folding Hack, Organize Shirts, Fold Shirts

Step 3: Pull the left side of the folder to the middle and return the folder back to its original position.


KonMari Folding Hack, Organize Shirts, Fold Shirts

Step 6: Fold the folder up.

Step 7: Fold the t-shirt in half again and ta-da! Now you now have a uniformly folded t-shirt ready to be popped neatly into your drawer.

KonMari Folding Hack, Organize Shirts, Fold Shirts


They say a cluttered environment equals a cluttered mind. Thanks to this folding hack you can restore a bit of order, save yourself time, and enjoy the feeling that comes with a closet so tidy, other will be swooning over it!