How Bamboo Charcoal can combat the Five Most Common Toxins and Bacteria Found in the Bathroom

Bathroom odor control. One thing a lot of us strive for, yet struggle to attain. The bathroom is one of those parts of the house we have to make sure is the cleanest. As we know that toilet can be regarded as, the warehouse of many organisms and thus it is the major transmitter of many of the diseases that you might have suffered.

When you think about it, the bathroom is a pretty gross place; just hold a UV flashlight around the bathroom and you’ll see what we mean. Because of the nature of the bathroom, you’re going to have bacteria and bacteria that causes odors. Bathroom odor control is vital not only to appearances…but for your reputation as well. Odors are impossible to see; sometimes even harder to find. And we know the bathroom has all kinds of funky odors and bugs living there.

So here, we have for you the 5 most common bacteria and the odors that you need to protect yourself from. Do not worry as Homesfan's bamboo charcoal products are built with the bathroom in mind…and the nasty, musty, strange odors and smells there. Homefan is here to help you get rid of all the bad guys.


It is one of the major culprits that is found in the bathroom. You will be amazed to know that you are the reason that it is present in your house. We’re not blaming you…that’s just a fact. It is a natural bacterium found in the human intestine and is discharged through feces. However, its access can lead to health problems like:

  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Cramps
  • Cholera like disease
  • Many more

So one way to help combat E-coli and keep this bad guy away (or at least contained) is to place the bamboo charcoal bag in your bathroom. It will absorb all the bacteria from the air, as they are mostly present in. It’s a warrior in your arsenal for bathroom odor control.

Urine and feces bathroom odor

It often happens that when you have guests around most of them are going to use the toilet. And sometimes quickly thereafter it becomes unbearable to go into the bathroom because of the deadly smell. If you are about to have such kinds of guests in the home then bamboo charcoal bathroom odor control will be the perfect choice to help you out.

All you have to do is hang the air purifying bag near your toilet and it will aid greatly in getting rid of all the bad smells. So despite after the dirty job has been flushed (or not…hopefully this isn’t the case) you will not have to suffer from the bad smells.


A common bacterium is transferred into your bathroom through your skin and can lead to many dangerous diseases. So in order to get rid of it, the best practice would be to use the liquid soaps. Apart from that, it might be present on the handles of the tap so make sure that you clean your taps at least twice a week. In terms of bathroom odor control, strep isn’t going to cause that much odor, but knowing it is present in this room of the house is good to know.

Sewer odor

It is one of the worst bathroom odors that you have to experience. In most cases, you have to pay a lot of cash in order to get this problem fixed. Homesfan isn’t promising that our bamboo charcoal air purifying bag will stop sewer odor from creeping in…but after it happens, a little help from bamboo charcoal can go a long way. You will be amazed to have a fresh smelling bathroom every time you enter.


It is a bacteria that can get into your system through inhalation or the showers handles that are not in use. Paratuberculosis is actually really similar to Johne’s disease and some researchers content the organism is a cause of Crohn’s disease. It can definitely creep into the bathroom and go airborne so a good odor or bacteria neutralizer is one way (safe, eco-friendly, natural) to help.

Bamboo Charcoal Miracle Worker?

Bamboo Charcoal isn’t going to be the remedy and fix-all product for fighting off toxins and bacteria in the bathroom, but we do stand behind the claim that a bamboo charcoal bag  in your bathroom will help immensely to absorb these microscopic critters before they cause some harm and produce a stank that is unbearable, unwelcoming and down-right embarrassing. If your aim is bathroom odor control, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how effective bamboo charcoal products can be.