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What is a Bamboo Charcoal Bag and How Does it Work?

Odors and bacteria are the common problem these days and especially in residential and commercial buildings. The main reason behind it is that the increase in the air pollutants and the decrease in plants and trees that are regarded as the main purifier of the air. The bamboo charcoal bag by Homesfan is one of the most efficient, clean, and healthiest ways to rid your air of harmful bad guys. These culprits not only make it hard to breathe but also are causing many health issues. So in order to help you stay safe and healthy, the bamboo charcoal products have been introduced in the market. Bamboo charcoal bag In case you have been looking for an air purifier that will keep...

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How Bamboo Charcoal can combat the Five Most Common Toxins and Bacteria Found in the Bathroom

Bathroom odor control. One thing a lot of us strive for, yet struggle to attain. The bathroom is one of those parts of the house we have to make sure is the cleanest. As we know that toilet can be regarded as, the warehouse of many organisms and thus it is the major transmitter of many of the diseases that you might have suffered. When you think about it, the bathroom is a pretty gross place; just hold a UV flashlight around the bathroom and you’ll see what we mean. Because of the nature of the bathroom, you’re going to have bacteria and bacteria that causes odors. Bathroom odor control is vital not only to appearances…but for your reputation as...

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Toaster Bags Are The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

These insanely nifty bags make cooking simpler, tastier and far less messy. Plus, you can reuse each one up to 50 times. Ladies and gentlemen, we've officially found it: The greatest thing since sliced bread. It makes life easier, it makes food taste better, and yeah, it's definitely a genius invention. It is... the toaster bag. The concept is simple: It's a heat-resistant, nonstick bag that you put your bread, waffle, sandwich, pizza slice, chicken nuggets, etc. into — and then you pop it in your toaster. Let the toaster do its thing, and when the bag pops up, voilà! Its contents are warm and toasted, and you've avoided making a mess of crumbs. These bags can go in your toaster, oven or microwave, and...

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