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The Easiest Way to Put on Socks!

Regain Your Independence: Easily put on your own socks and hosiery.

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  • Durable yet flexible molded plastic

  • Compatible with feet of any size

  • Works with all sock styles and materials

  • Soft foam handle for easy gripping

The Easiest Way to Put on Socks!

Restore dignity by allowing complete independence when putting on socks or hosiery. The sock assist opens the sock and positions it to easily glide on the foot without bending down, twisting around or reaching over. Perfect for those with limited mobility and those recovering from surgery or injury. 

Watch Our Easy Sock Helper In Action!

  • The contour shaped shell of the Easy Sock Helper is Soft and flexible, specially designed for individuals who have weak hand strength, making it easy to insert socks onto the sock aid.

  • The Lazy Shoe Helper is ergonomically designed, the smooth surface and curve design can help your feet slide into the shoes better, more convenient and comfortable to use

  • This stocking aid is a good helper for arthritis sufferers, injury recovery, limited mobility, post-surgery, expectant mothers.


Can I use the sock assist with my large, wide feet?

Yes, it is flexible to accommodate a wide range of sizes.

Would I be able to use this with one hand?

Yes, it is possible to pull both cords with one hand, taking care to ensure cords are pulled equally.

Are there instructions on how to use it?

First, pull the sock over the Sock Aid  as far as the sock will go. Place the Sock Aid on the floor, keeping the handles in your hands. Then insert your foot through the opening and smoothly pull the handles until your sock is completely over your foot.

Can it be used with nylons without ripping them?

Yes, the sock assist has a smooth, rounded edge to prevent snags and runs.

Does this stretch out the top of your socks?

The sock assist only stretches a sock during the brief amount time it takes to put them on leaving the elastic fully intact, however, leaving a sock on the device for long periods of time may deform your sock.

We Couldn't Have Said It Better Ourselves

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Makes putting socks on exponentially easier while also putting less strain on the back, legs, arms, and hands!

For people with severely limiting arthritis, who have difficulty bending and reaching their feet, Easy Sock Helper can allow them to independently put on their socks.

Putting on and taking of socks while dressing up can become challenging and frustrating for people with joint damage, pain, stiffness, and fatigue caused by arthritis. Sock aids is a piece of adaptive equipment, also referred to as an assistive device or arthritis aid, that allows people to put on their socks easily despite pain and physical limitations.




Firstly, hold the plastic end on your lap, pull the sock onto the plastic holder.


Second, pick up the handles and then drop the plastic part onto the floor.


Third, insert your foot into the plastic holder as if it were a shoe.


Finally, hold the rubber handles and just pull it up. The sock pulls on very easily.


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