220V Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer


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Introducing our 220V Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer – your key to minimizing food waste while maximizing freshness! This innovative kitchen appliance is designed to make your life easier and your food last longer.

Say goodbye to prematurely spoiled groceries! Our food vacuum sealer works by removing air from specially designed bags or containers, creating a secure seal that prevents the infiltration of air, moisture, and unwanted pests. It’s a game-changer in the fight against food waste.

  • Reduce Food Waste: Introducing the 220V Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer, a cutting-edge kitchen appliance that aims to combat food waste. This device effectively extends the shelf life of your food by removing air from specially designed bags or containers, creating a secure seal to keep air, moisture, and pests at bay.
  • Versatile Applications: Our vacuum packaging machine is a versatile addition to your kitchen. Beyond preserving the freshness of meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, and cheese, it’s also ideal for safeguarding non-food items like jewelry and important documents. Experience the convenience of a single device catering to various packaging needs.
  • Powerful 60kPa Vacuum Sealer: Boasting a robust 60kPa vacuum sealing power, this device empowers you to store and transport both dried and moist foods without compromising their taste, texture, or nutritional value. Say goodbye to concerns about freshness and confidently store a wide range of items with ease.
  • Efficient and Practical: Never leave your food exposed again with this technological marvel. The vacuum packaging machine is the epitome of practicality and efficiency in food storage. Vacuum-pack fresh produce effortlessly, shielding it from air, humidity, and unwanted odors. The result? Extended durability and maintained quality for your stored items.

Upgrade your kitchen with the 220V Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer, where innovation meets practicality, ensuring a seamless and efficient solution to your food preservation needs.


Black, White


110~230 V

Seal Width

300 mm

Product Dimensions

3 x 12.99 x 2 inches