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5-piece Bottle Cleaning Brush Set

Lurking in every nook and cranny of areas and accessories we come into contact with every day is a build-up of nasty bacteria and germs just waiting to make you fall ill.

Don’t let them succeed and quickly destroy them with this set of 5-piece Bottle Cleaning Brush Set that comes in a variety of different sizes to combat any and every type of opening.

With durable bristles that are built-to-last, you can be sure that good hygiene and cleanliness comes on top every single time, whether you’re cleaning a baby bottle, straws, sinkholes, spouts and anything else you can think of!


  • The long bottle brush easily reaches the bottom and clean all inside area, the narrow neck is suitable for drinking bottle, formula bottles, decanter, glass jugs. 
  • Made of food grade polypropylene, BPA free materials, resilient and bendable, no peculiar smell, keep safe and healthy, an exceptional value and an excellent gift for your kitchen
  • Each one of the brushes has unique size and shape for cleaning hard to reach places such as inside tea kettles, sports water bottles, hummingbird feeder, coffee jugs, juice pitchers, canning jars, flower vases, kettle, teapot and much more
  • Firm and sturdy handle makes the cleaning job easier, the hook is provided to hang it for drying and storage
Package includes:

1Pc x Sponge bottle brush (29 cm)
1Pc x Nylon bottle brush (29 cm)
1Pc x Sponge pacifier brush (14.5 cm)
1Pc x Nylon pacifier brush (10 cm)
1Pc x Stainless steel drinking pipe brush (17.5 cm)