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Wardrobe Drawer Organizer

Keep your closet clutter-free and your drawers organized with our Wardrobe Drawer Organizer! This wardrobe holder is a simple, cost-effective solution that makes it easy to tidy up undergarments and other small clothing articles you keep in drawers.

  • Space-saving
    This organizer is designed to make it easier to find anything in need. 2 sizes of boxes that are perfect for organizing socks, underwear, bra, scarves, ties, baby items, and more. It is deep enough for a large carrying capacity.

  • Customize Your Drawer!
    All the tiniest undergarments will have their proper place. These small drawer organizers have cells for easy organization. You can add or take away them as you want!

  • Sturdy Quality Fabric
    Made of long-lasting mesh fabric which is durable, mold-free, and bacteria-free to ensure the hygiene of storage. It is very sturdy that can keep its shape for years of use.

  • Foldable & Washable
    You can fold them up when not in use. They are lightweight for easy carrying. The organizer is washable & quick-dry. They can be washed and will not easily deform.


Color: Black, White

Sizes: 6 Grids (32 cm x 32cm x 12 cm)

7 Grids (12 cm x 32 cm x 12 cm)

Material: Nylon Fabric

Package Includes: 

1 x Wardrobe Drawer Organizer