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Cool Mama Fridge Odor Eliminator

Maybe some week old food had left a bad order in the fridge or maybe it was just some rotten vegetable.

Or maybe its the bacteria causing that stink.

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No matter how hard you try, your fridge can be a source of some pretty strong smells. Whether it garlic, mature cheese, onions, fish or even forgotten things at the back of the veggie drawer. There nothing worse than opening your fridge door, in search of fresh delicious food, and being greeted by more than just the light coming on, as powerful odors waft in your face and spoil your appetite.



Cool Mama doesn't like smelly fridges and she's here to do something about it. 

All you have to do is fill it with baking soda and keep it in the fridge to enjoy an order free refrigerator for the next month, after which all you have to do is change the baking soda inside and you’re set to go again! The stinky order will begin to reduce after just 24 hours. 

Cool Mama makes a great gift for anyone with a fridge and, as she is dishwasher safe and easy to use, there is not a fridge-fright she can handle! So if you want to put fridge smells in their place, put Cool Mama on the case!




  • * For a fresh smelling fridge
  • * Looks great & keeps your fridge smelling fresh
  • * Uses baking soda
  • * Reusable & dishwasher safe



  • Remove Chill Mama's hair and face
  • Fill the container with baking soda
  • Replace face and hair
  • Place Chill Mama in the fridge and let her work her magic!
  • Replace baking soda at regular intervals. (average time 3 months) Time varies depending upon the size and content of your fridge.


Package Includes:

1 x Cool Mama Fridge Odor Eliminator