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Drain Plug Hair Catcher

Long hair? Short hair? Thick hair? Curly hair? Dog hair? Cat hair? Annoyed of the slow drain & foamy water up to the knee with a traditional plastic strainer?

No longer a problem!

Our Drain Plug Hair Catcher was made of stainless steel and is durable, anti-rust and anti-mold, ensures enough space for fast water drain. It collects all waste and hair in the shower. Not blocking the drain.


  • The savings from not having to call a plumber to fix the clogged drain gets me over it pretty quick.

  • It doesn’t matter if the hair belongs to you and your spouse — drain hair is disgusting, and the mere thought of pulling it out of our drains makes us nauseous.

  • You lose way more hair per day/shower than you think, and unless you find a way to stop it from going down your drain, it’s inevitably going to cause clogs. …and then you have to throw chemicals down there, because that’s the only thing that gets rid of the stuff. ….and then…To clean it, you can simply wipe it off without using aggressive chemicals.

  • Bathroom Hair Stoppers WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER !! Seriously , look at all this dog hair that would have gone down you drain after just one dog bath. Yikes.
  • We face a myriad of challenges each and every day. Cleaning clogged drains no longer has to be one of them--thanks to the revolutionary new Bathroom Sink Drain Protector.It fits snug inside your bathroom sink drain, all calm and collected, effortlessly gathering each and every hair that tries to make its way down your vulnerable drain. It even protects against rings and other jewelry falling into the drain. It's the hero you deserve in your bathroom.



  • Our sink drain strainer fits any standard bathroom sink drain and will catch every hair every time.
  • So simple...yet so effective for catching hair neatly in drains. 



  • IT WORKS! This hair catcher saved our tub from not clogging!
  • Make your life a little easier! 
  • Colors: Blue, Orange, Green, White
  • Fits all standard sink or sink drains 3.8 cm.


1x Drain Plug Hair Catcher