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Easy Food Bag Sealing Clip

Sometimes pouring out flour or other bagged goods are a hassle. Often they spill or you need cup/spoon to get what you want. Our Seal and Pour clip will change the way you use plastic bags around the kitchen forever.

Open, Clip, and Pour

The food sealing clip works by snapping an airtight seal over the end of the bag as other normal bag clips, but the built-in lid allows you to pour out the contents of the bag with absolute ease. No more need for a scoop when you can pour to your heart's desire.

A Freshness That's Convenient

Food in bags will tend to go stale quickly no matter how much you roll a bag or tie it with twist ties. With the airtight seal, the clip keeps the food fresh for months like as if it was inside of a plastic container.

Works With Any Bag

Conveniently clip anything and everything that's in your kitchen. Perfect for coffee beans, cereal, chips, pretzels, sugar, flour, and everything in-between. Whenever you need something from the bag, just pop the lid off and start pouring.


  • Snack bag clip
  • Air-tight seal keeps food fresh
  • Easy-pour cap
  • Fits most bags
  • Ideal for storing cereal, pasta, chips, candy, and other snacks
  • Dish washer safe