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Stellar Galaxy Glass Pendant Necklace

Sometimes, a lot of us think of the universe as a giant mystery box. Looking at it every night but can never fully get the beauty of something so magnificent. With this necklace, beholding the stunning galaxy is literally in the palm of your hand. Recreating the entire universe in a delicate crystal ball.

This beautifully unique and hand-crafted necklace holds a special meaning. Offer your loved one the whole universe with our Stellar Galaxy Glass Pendant Necklace. The pendant of this necklace is made of earth glass highlighting various patterns of a nebula that brings you a taste of the universe.

This special necklace signifies the message "You are my Universe". A perfectly romantic way to let someone know that they mean absolutely everything to you, beyond all matter, infinity, and creativity. Show them how much they mean to you with a special handmade pendant.

For loved ones who are far from each other, remind them that you are thinking of each other looking at the same starry sky with this necklace. 

This is not only a necklace but a beautiful work of art. With a 360-degree glittering glass depicting the beauty of the cosmos.

Aside from the special meaning of the pendant, the Galaxy Glass Necklace also promotes creativity that will help you think out of the box to overcome barricades. If a person is devastated by negative circumstances beyond their control, this Galaxy Glass Necklace can help them overcome these. A pendant with cosmic symbolism hanging close to your heart is the perfect tool to take the step towards a happy life.

Our Galaxy Glass Necklace is absolutely the perfect gift that is elegant and uniquely beautiful. It is an absolutely great gift to express your love to someone special. 

The glass ball measures around 0.90-0.98 “ (2.3-2.5) in diameter. The height is approximately 1.2” (3 cm) and a black rope chain (non-leather) with a wooden bead that allows you to adjust the length of the necklace.