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Macaw Parrot

Matching them can help you learn the bright representatives of tropical fauna

The bright and colorful Macaw Parrot wooden puzzle is an excellent gift both for adults and kids who would be amazed by the bright colors of the puzzle elements. The process of assembling this puzzle will contribute to the development of kids and their attention, spatial thinking, and tactile sensations.

Unlike cardboard versions, these puzzles cannot be bent or broken. This puzzle can be assembled and disassembled an unlimited number of times, without compromising the quality of its parts.

The Bright Parrot is an original gift for any occasion!

Wooden Puzzles are a bridge between nature and you.
Parrots in South America are inoffensive and incredibly beautiful. And there are so many species of these wonderful birds! Get together the puzzle and admire the colorful plumage of a South American Parrot!

Wooden Puzzles for adults and kids
Our wooden jigsaw puzzles are interesting for adults and kids as well. For adults, it is a great way to relieve stress and relax. For children, it is both an exciting activity and the development of fine motor skills, logical and abstract thinking. Besides, the whole family can solve the creative craft wooden puzzle by having a nice time together.

What does our figure puzzle consist of?
All our animal-shaped puzzles are made of natural wood (birch) and premium paper. We care about nature, so all products are made from recyclable materials. The print on the puzzles does not fade; each figure is laser-cut and has smooth edges, there is no risk of a splinter.

A unique jigsaw puzzle is a universal gift!
The uniqueness of this gift is that it can be given to any person on any celebration day in honor of any holiday. Parents, children, lovers, grandparents – our puzzle is suitable for everyone.

Gorgeous Color Details
The puzzles are made out of laser-cut pieces and are printed in high quality. When your wood puzzle is complete, you can hang it up on the living room wall as a classy decoration.
Fun for all the ages
Let your kids train their problem-solving skills with this wooden puzzle, or use it as a way to relieve stress after a long day at work. It's great for the whole family!

Product information

  • Beautiful Macaw Parrot puzzle
  • Made from real wood
  • Each puzzle piece has its own unique shape which is either an animal or a plant or a flower
  • 100+ puzzle pieces

Available Sizes:

A3 - 11.693x 16.54inches (29.7 x 42.0cm)

A4 - 8.3 x 11.7inches (21.0 x 29.7cm)

A5 - 5.83 x 8.27inches (14.8 x 21.0cm)