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Magic Clean Towel

This Magic Clean Towel is a must-have in your home! Its cloth structure is made out of a silver ion material, which is inspired by the shiny, crisscrossing of fish scales.

It cleans surfaces perfectly, leaving no streaks and lint behind. The Unique Fish Scale Weave easily captures dust and quickly removes dirt. Made of more than 10 million feet of microfiber for more effective cleaning power. Perfect for drying dishes, wiping countertops, soaking up spills, cleaning glass surfaces and so much more!

Super Absorbent
Featuring a super absorption technology, the Magic Clean Towel collects dirt and liquid up to 7x its own weight.

Streak-Free and Lint-Free Wiping
One quick wipe ensures a lint-free finish and will never leave a streak mark on glass surfaces.

Mildew & Bacteria Resistant
Magic Clean Towel offers resistance against microbes and odors that can become embedded within the cloth.

Easily Removes Pet Dander
If any of your friends or family have allergies to animals, Magic Clean Towel picks up all of the accumulated pet dander.

Non-abrasive & Chemical-Free
Its non-abrasive design will not scratch surfaces, paint, furniture, stainless steel, or clear coat. The Magic Clean Towel can be used with water alone - no harsh, toxic chemicals are required.

Versatile & Durable
Featuring a durable, long-lasting design, this takes on various cleaning jobs - from household cleaning, polishing kitchen tableware, glass, and window or jewelry, and drying dishes to car cleaning.

How Does It Work?

The Magic Clean Towel can be used either dry or damp.

1) Dry Cleaning: Using it dry is perfect for dusting, drying, and wiping over surfaces.

2) Damp Cleaning: To use it damp, first wet and then wring any excess water. This method is suitable for cleaning and polishing a range of surfaces. 

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know here.


- Size: 40*40cm
-Weight: 48g
- Color: Random
- Material: Microfiber