Why Choose Homes Fan Super Sweeper- Spin Broom?

Because this simple yet effective sweeper will save you 90% more time and money on cleaning  your floor!

Why drag out that heavy, bulky vacuum cleaner with a tangled cord or fumble with your dustpan and broom to clean up a little mess? Just grab this cordless Broom Sweeper and be done in no time at all! Quickly cleaning everything from dirt and dust to spills and glass, it’s the simplest method to take care of all your small messes and touch-ups – no electricity needed and no messy cords to deal with.

Crumbs, debris and spills are inevitable in every household. Lightweight and quiet, This automatic broom creates an electrostatic charge as it gathers up all sorts of messes. It also feature a long-wearing, soft vinyl bumper, protecting your furniture from scratches and scuff marks as it reaches flat underneath. Keep your vacuum in the closet and make your cleanups quick and easy with this Insta Sweep!



☑️️Compact and portable

Move it from room to room without overusing a single muscle in your body - an incredibly lightweight and quiet sweeper.

☑️Broom + dustpan 2 in 1

Built-in dustpan makes unloading trash easier than ever before

☑️Easy use and storage

 No outlets required - get your mess cleaned using mechanical power. folds flat for compact hanging - making this convenient to store in any closet ready for those cleanups.

☑️Sturdy and agile

Super Sweeper made with indestructible housing with three section metal handle and long -wearing, soft vinyl bumper protecting your furniture as it reaches flat under.

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