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Stargazer Portable LED Light Projector

Transform your space with this Stargazer Portable LED Light Projector. Shine hundreds of laser stars from your laptop, phone charger, game console, USB Battery Pack, or from your car!

The Stargazer Portable LED Light Projector includes a flexible extender so you can aim the star-like light in any direction. Spruce up your bedroom, game room, workspace, or your car in seconds with this cool Portable LED Light Projector.


Easy to Use
The Stargazer Portable LED Light Projector is very user-friendly. Simply plug in the Portable LED Light in a USB slot and you can light up your room just like a star-studded clear night sky! No need for switches or remote because it is a Plug-and-play gadget.

Multiple Light Patterns Available
The Stargazer Portable LED Light Projector has different light patterns and starlight densities. You can make different patterns by turning or rotating the top of this USB night light, at the same time, you can adjust the project direction by bending freely the design. So you can fold and switch it to any angle and shape as you need.

Lightweight and Flexible
The Stargazer Portable LED Light Projector has a 360-degree rotation capability, it can be adjusted and bent into different angles.

Long lifespan
Long lifetime 50000 hours and low power 100mw power, with Class IIB laser safety class, working temperature -20 degree to 70 degrees waterproof IPX4.

USB interface with 360-degree flexible body. It will stay bent to whatever angle you set it to point towards. Gives a nice galaxy-like effect wherever it is projected, the further away from the target the wider the spread of stars.

This mini-sized star projector is very convenient to be powered, no need to install, plug and play, fit for any USB interfaces, by power bank, car interior USB port, computer, etc.

Suitable for small area projection. The light projector is a wonderful decoration for game rooms, home theatre, car ceiling, and tent. Adding an interesting and romantic atmosphere to your leisure room or living area.

Voltage: 5 V
Service life: 50,000 hours
Size: 21.2*1.4/8.35*0.55"
Net Weight: 45.0g/1.6oz

Package Include:
1* Stargazer Portable LED Light Projector
1* Item Manual