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Pouchful Magic Cosmetics Pouch

Digging through a jam-packed cosmetics pouch to find the item you need is a royal pain. Whether you're glamming for work or play, a fresh-faced look is key for confidence. But wasting time searching for that one tube of lipstick buried under everything else leaves you too stressed to strut your stuff and show off the smiling face you worked hard to enhance.

Pouchful Magic Cosmetics Pouch is specially designed to maximize your makeup routine's efficiency, this spellbinding case folds out flat so you can see all of your products in a single layer, ensuring nothing gets lost in the shuffle. And once you're done perfecting your look, pull on its drawstrings to keep your cosmetics secure.

✔ EASILY FIND WHAT YOU NEED - Digging through the constant clutter of your makeup bag is a thing of the past. It spreads out completely flat allowing you to find what you need. When you need it.

✔ PACK UP INSTANTLY - Packing up all your products is no longer a chore. Just place everything on the open makeup bag, and pull the strings to close. It really is that simple.

✔ EFFORTLESS CLEANING - We've all been there, you get a new makeup bag and within 2 days it looks 2 years old. Pouchful's Unique fabric means minimal to no cleaning is needed!

✔ PERFECT ON THE GO - Makeup and traveling can be frustrating. But Pouchful not only saves time but is made from shock and waterproof material which protects your expensive makeup.

Drawstring Cosmetic Bag - KSYLush

Pouchful Magic Cosmetics Pouch is ideal for home and on the go! The bag’s shockproof and water-resistant design means it was designed to travel well.

No matter what journeys you take your Pouchful Magic Cosmetics Pouch, you won’t need to worry about attracting germs. While 90% of makeup bags are magnets for nasty bacteria, the Pouchful Makeup bag is made with special fabric that's easy to clean by hand or machine wash.


  • DIMENSION WHEN FLAT (OPEN): Approx. 19 x 19 inches (48.2 cm x 48.2 cm)
  • DIMENSION WHEN CLOSED UP: Approx. 8 x 10 inches (20 cm x 26 cm)
  • MATERIAL: Waterproof Nylon Polyester
  • WEIGHT: 0.24 lbs (110g)