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Reusable Microwave Potato Cooker Bag

Forget waiting for the oven with this innovative baked potato microwave cooker. You can stop heating your oven and forget pots of boiling water, this easy-to-use microwave bag can steam up to 4 potatoes at a time! The secret to the potato express is the insulated design that creates a steam pocket, giving potatoes, just the right amount of heat and moisture. A great way to save time when you want to enjoy baked or mashed potatoes and other great potato dishes too.
With this microwave potato pack, you will not only get to enjoy perfectly cooked, moist, delicious potatoes, but also greatly save you time when making mashed potatoes and other favorites dishes.

Perfect oven baked potatoes in just 4 minutes. You will get to enjoy perfectly cooked, moist, delicious potatoes. The secret is the unique insulation design that creates a steam pocket to give your potato just the right amount of moisture; You will have a tender skin and a delicious, fluffy inside every time.
Great for all types of potatoes, corn on the cob, yams and more.
Our potato Bags measure approximately 10 x 8.5 inches. Cooks up to 4 potatoes at a time.
Bag is made of 100% polyester fiber cloth. They are machine washable and reusable
Baked potato method:
1. Put the potatoes into the bag, seal
2. Hold on the wheel into the microwave oven (especially big potatoes 5-6 minutes, in 4 to 5 minutes, small potatoes 3-4 minutes)
3. The microwave time to take out the potatoes, together with the tray
4. Share your delicious potatoes
Package Included:
1 x Reusable Microwave Potato Cooker Bag
● Please do not use in conventional oven.
● No heating on microwave for more than 4 minutes at a time.
● Low to medium heat only.
● No heating in microwave without food.
● No exposing to open flame.
● Do not leave microwave unattended when in use.
● Do not cook oily or fried foods.