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LED Ring Light Phone Case For iPhone

Bring this mini studio with you anytime. Perfect lighting for your content anywhere.

Pocket-ready LED light

With the built-in popup LED Fill Light, you'll always have a powerful light source to take your photos. Our technology has integrated into the Beam 46 mini-LEDs that will surely light up your scene with the perfect brightness.

3 Lights in 1 

➦ Warm light: suitable for cold scenarios, used to give some vivid look to your photos.

➦ Cold light: suitable for very low light context, used to highlight every detail and unleash all the LEDs' power.

➦ Mixed-light: suitable for non-critical situations, used to give a natural look to your contents.

Easy to Use

We have designed it to be as user-friendly as possible, there's only ONE button for the on and off and, light mode switch. 

Thin and Durable design

Although the case has a built-in battery, it is only 0.9mm thick! Despite its thin design, it protects both the screen and body of your iPhone thanks to its premium corner bumper design!

Built-in Battery

We know that iPhone's not famous for its battery life. Don't worry, you won't even drain 1% of it.

The Led Selfie Ring Fill Light Phone Case works with its own built-in long-lasting battery, which will allow you to light up your shoots for 4 hours.

Get yours today and create as much wonderful content as you want!