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Space Saving Underwear Organizer Box

Organize your smaller clothing articles effortlessly with our Space Saving Underwear Organizer Box! Perfect for tidying up undergarment, lingerie, bras, socks and more, this wardrobe holder allows you to maximize closet space while keeping its contents dust-free. Make your linen essentials accessible today!

  • Provides attractive, lightweight solution to many personal storage needs. Neatly store and classify underwear, socks, neck ties, bra, etc.
  • Organizers for drawers, dressers, closets, and more. Bins are collapsible for easy storage and can be stored under bed for most convenient use
  • Made of high quality plastic board which is more sturdy and durable compared to the normal fabric boxes in the market.
  • Avoid reusing the dusty or dirty box. Easy to clean. 

Product Specifications:

• 4-Slot Storage Box - 32.5cm X 25.3cm X 9.7cm

• 10-Slot Storage Box - 32.5cm X 25.3cm X 7.5cm

• 15-Slot Storage Box - 32.5cm X 25.3cm X 7.5cm

• Material: Plastic

Package Inclusions:

1 x Space Saving Underwear Organizer Box