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Flexi Faucet Aerator

Flexi Faucet Aerator enables many different uses of your existing bathroom sink to make your life a lot easier and more convenient. Super easy installation requires no additional tools and it takes less than 5 minutes.

Easily switch between the 2 Water Flow Modes:
1.Soft Bubble mode is perfect for gargle, toothbrushing, and face & hand wash. 
2.Strong Sprayer mode is a high pressure mode for rinsing dirt and cleaning.

Designed for Multi-purpose
The Aerator can be rotated and tilted to different angles for different purposes such as rinsing face, mouth, washing hands, etc. It's your all-in-one faucet upgrade for all your bathroom needs.

4 Layers Filters & Easy to Clean
It has a four-layer filter to remove impurities in the water. Universal design and components make it cheap and easy to maintain.

Water-conserving & Eco-friendly
The faucet aerator prevents water leakage and conserves water usage up to 70% compared to sink faucets with a standard bubble.

Made of High-grade Material & meant for long term
Crafted with high-quality reinforced & rust-proof Brass material with electroplated surface. 

Fits Almost Any Faucet & Super Easy Installation
It will fit all standard-size faucets in your bathroom. Simply connect by mounting the aerator on the main faucet. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at for clarification.

Installation Guide:

For Faucet With Male Thread
1. Remove the original aerator attached to the faucet.
2.Directly connect the Flexi Faucet Aerator to the main faucet.
3.Twist to tighten until the aerator is secure

For Faucet With Female Thread:
1.Remove the original aerator attached to the faucet.
2.Mount the included adapter of the Flexi Faucet Aerator to the main faucet.
3. Connect the Flexi Faucet Aerator to the adapter. Twist to tighten until the aerator is secure


    • MATERIALS: Copper, ABS
    • PRODUCT SIZE(L X W X H): 15 × 8 × 5cm / 5.9 × 3.1 × 2inches


    • 1 x Flexi Faucet Aerator
    • 1 x Female Thread Adapter